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                  WSC - Calendar of Events 2016-2017


     Mondays        6:15 - 7:15pm                        WSC Swimming

   Wednesdays  8:00 - 9:00pm - term-time    WSC Swimming


         WSC Swimming Members may also swim at all times

                     available to Galleon Club Members.


These times continue as normal during the summer holidays.


              Wednesdays    8:30-10:00pm Social Gathering,

now at the Royal Ettrick Hotel while Myreside is closed.


20 Sept 2017 - Ladies' Dinner - Charwood Restaurant, Fairmilehead

21 Sept 2017 - Golf Outing & Dinner, Liberton GC


The 2017 Crocks' Cup race was held on March 29th. The winner was Alan Masson, just ahead of John Gibb, Angus Mackay, Donald Easton, Mike Allan and George Murray, with Geoff Bulment acting as Starter. Afterwards the group gathered at Myreside.


L-R: Mike Allan, Angus Mackay, Donald Easton, Alan Masson, George Murray and John Gibb.


See Photo Gallery 2017 for all photographs of this event.


The 2016 Golf Outing and Dinner were held on 30th August at Liberton Golf Club, organized as usual by Geoff Bulmer. Eight golfers were joined by six diners for an enjoyable dinner after the game. Prizes were presented by Captain George Murray.

More photos are in the Photo Gallery - 2016.


There was a turnout of twelve members at Myreside after swimming on 20 July 2016 - all anxious to renew their subscriptions! We were happy to welcome new member "Tober" Maclachlainn (4th from right).  

20160720.Myreside DSC_4805 (2) 20160830.1186W

The 2016 Golfers were Geoff Bulmer, Angus Mackay, Mike Allan, Hayden Arthurson, John Kelly, Alastair Ritchie and Roger Smith.


Jan Stewart retired from behind the bar at Myreside on 14th September 2016 after 16 years service. Members of the Watsonian Swimming Club were particularly sad to see her go, and presented her with a card, a present and a print of this photograph taken the previous week.

2016 Ladies Dinner was held on 21st Sept at Mackenzie's       Restaurant, Colinton, organized by Sheila Bulmer.

20160922 Pat Alexander 20100622 20160921.WSC.Ladies Dinner 20170216.0007


The 2017 Mixed Dinner on 16th February at Baberton GC was organized by Geoff Bulmer with 24 members and spouses attending.  More photos are in Photo Gallery 2017